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Getting Quality Sleep

I want to talk this week about sleep, but a slightly underappreciated aspect of good quality sleep. We’ve talked a lot in the past about having a sleep staircase, which essentially is a sleep preparation schedule. It’s a series of steps that take you from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance to …

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How Do You Recharge?

Let’s dive straight into this week’s Thrive in Five which is about how you recharge. Something that’s occurred to me relatively recently is that I’m a classic blend between extrovert and introvert – I have very extroverted tendencies, but also quite introverted. And what was really eye opening to me, …

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Variety – Another under appreciated aspect of wellbeing

This week’s blog is about another underappreciated aspect of wellbeing… variety. What I’ve been thinking about, as you’ll know if you’ve been watching my recent videos or listening to my recent podcasts on the Remove the Guesswork show (which you can find on iTunes and our website), is what are …

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