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Blood sugar regulation: slow-energy foods to boost mental and physical health by Bodyshot Performance.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Zombie Awareness Month

This Week’s Thrive In Five Is About Blood Sugar Regulation It’s part three of our Zombie Awareness Month series, sharing tips for how to stop wandering around like a zombie! We’ve already talked about sleep with a seven and blood testing, and this week it’s all about blood sugar regulation. …

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hydration - 3 top tips for drinking more water to improve our health as part of world health day by leanne spencer at bodyshot performance

World Health Day: Hydration

It’s week three of our World Health Day series focusing on what we can do to keep ourselves healthy. We’ve already talked about movement and connection, and this week is about hydration. It’s probably not unfair to say that most of us are not always at optimum hydration. And I …

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daily stretching to boost mood and energy part 4 of the magic minute series by bodyshot performance

Daily stretching: Magic Minute Inspiration

This week’s Thrive in Five is about daily stretching It’s the fourth part of our Magic Minute series; little slivers of activity or thought that can give you more energy. So far, we have talked about Daydreaming, Motivational Images, and Feeling Grateful. This week, I want to talk about how …

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are our mirrors ruining our lives blaxck and white photo of woman looking sad in the mirror

Podcast: Are Our Mirrors Ruining Our Lives?

This week we’re discussing how mirrors may be ruining our lives. Topics Discussed In This Episode: A story about the time Leanne went to an acrobat show and what she noticed. Why we need to change the way we look at fitness. How judging our bodies makes us feel and …

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fasting time restricted eating watermelon clock

Thrive In Five: Fasting

This week’s thrive in five is about fasting and time restricted eating So this week I want to talk a bit about fasting, we’re on the theme of preventative health and this month we’re looking at healthspan. So it’s the idea is to live a healthy life for as long …

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preventative health testing cells under a microscope

Thrive In Five: Preventative Health Testing

This Week’s Thrive in Five is all about preventative health testing and things you can do to extend your healthspan. Healthspan is really what Bodyshot (certainly it’s one of our key philosophies) is all about. It’s about putting the priority on healthspan, not life span. What we mean by that …

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Get More Variety In Your Diet images of lots of healthy colourful food

Podcast: Get More Variety in Your Die‪t

Why should you pay more attention to getting variety in your diet? Topics Discussed in this Episode: Why it’s important to get more variety in your diet. How to increase the variety in your diet. Key Takeaways: Variety in our diet in the sense of the different types of food …

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