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Bodyshot Performance is an award-winning wellbeing company that uses technology and science-based solutions to create happy, healthy and resilient teams. Our clients have won awards for wellbeing and recognise it directly improves employee engagement and retention, attracts talent into the business and improves the bottom line.


Our clients include a subsidiary of Disney; ThoughtWorks; Times 100 company Anderson, Anderson & Brown; iTech Media; Britvic plc; Zendesk; Brooks Macdonald and many more.

Our services include the Wellbeing at Work Audit, Workshops, Guide, Portal and an award-winning Health MOT service for leaders using innovative tests and wearable tech to obtain personalised, actionable insights.

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Bodyshot for You

Our philosophy is healthy bodies mean healthy minds and everything in health is interconnected. Our award-winning coaching packages are delivered using our unique Six Signals® Methodology, the latest in health and wellbeing science and technology, including DNA, microbiome and blood testing, plus innovative wearable tech.

The Bodyshot business is very professional and well-run, you get a real sense that there’s a vision and a plan in place for long term growth and that reflects in the way they treat and talk to their customers.

Lou Hemming

Industry Manager

Health IQ

Discover what your Health IQ score is based on our unique Six Signals® methodology: sleep, mental health, body composition, energy, digestion and physical fitness. Our simple diagnostic tool will help you understand where you should prioritise your efforts.


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We are here to help

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Bodyshot For Business

If you’re looking to position wellbeing as a competitive advantage, check out the innovative Bodyshot for Business Programs. Bodyshot work with teams of up to 500 to create a culture of energy, vitality and performance, improve the healthspan of your employees and your business. We’ve worked with Times 100 companies, SME’s and large corporates to create corporate wellbeing programmes that reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, improve employee engagement and retention, and promote greater wellbeing at work.

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