Small changes can make a big difference: man drinking from water bottle. Bodyshot Performance

Small Changes for Health Ownership

Welcome to part three in our series about health ownership. For part one, I shared some tips for getting started on this journey, and part two was all about autonomy. This time, we’re going to be focussing on the small stuff: how even small changes can make a huge difference …

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Autonomy & Health Ownership: person speaking to a doctor - blog by Bosyshot Performance

Autonomy & Health Ownership

Following on from our previous blog post, I want to discuss autonomy. Autonomy is a crucial part of health ownership, which is what this month is all about. It simply means being in a state of self-governing; being able to act upon your own values and interests. And having this …

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person running silhouette with sunset in background: Health Ownership by Bodyshot Performance

3 Steps Towards Health Ownership

Our latest series of videos is about something that has come up a lot recently in my new business conversations and chats with clients: health ownership. Can I talk a little about it, can I help people to understand they have more control over their health than they might think? …

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mood and personality problems by bodyshot performsnce, two work colleagues embracing

Mood & Personality Problems: Stress Awareness Month

It’s the last video in our series for Stress Awareness Month. We’ve talked about apathy and anhedonia, a deep sense of fatigue, and finding it hard to shut off. Tip number four is about mood and personality problems, and how they can indicate stress. Examples of Mood and Personality Problems …

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Woman sleeping at table resting her head on a pile of books: Dealing with the Physical Signs of Stress by Bodyshot Performance

Dealing With The Physical Signs Of Stress

The second part in our Stress Awareness Month series is all about physical symptoms. Last week, we discussed apathy and anhedonia: lacking motivation or ability to derive pleasure from something you once enjoyed. But stress doesn’t just change our behaviour, it can affect our bodies, too. So, let’s explore the …

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employee wellness trends 2023 - a group of employees sit around a table having a meeting

Employee Wellness Trends for 2023

The Wellness Trends For 2023 That Every HR Person Should Know About The challenges we all face today are well-known; the cost of living crisis, the energy crisis, economic uncertainty (or, put another way, the certainty of recession). Not to mention the perceived threat of AI and of course, the …

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Itech re grounding day being present people stood in the woods in a circle

Being Present: Zombie Awareness Month

This Week’s Thrive In Five Is About Being Present It’s the final part in our series for Zombie Awareness Month (playfully done, of course!). In week one, we talked about sleep, week two was about blood testing, and week three was about blood sugar regulation. This time, I want to …

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