The 4S’s: Shiver – The Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

cold water therapy - leanne and antonia wading in a cold lake

It’s part three in our Thrive in Five series on the 4S’s: sweat, steps, shiver, and strength. Four non-negotiables, at least one of which needs to happen every day, for a healthier, happier, and longer life. Because, as we keep saying, making a series of small, consistent changes can have a big impact over time. So, let’s take a plunge into cold water therapy to find out why it’s important to shiver.

More Than Just A Trend

You might be asking, why would anyone want to be freezing cold on purpose? Cold therapy has long helped us to manage pain, from ice packs to coolant sprays to plunge pools. Despite cold plunges being amongst the latest wellbeing trends, cold water therapy dates back thousands of years–proof that it is by no means just another fad. In fact, decreasing your body temperature brings all kinds of benefits. For instance, it can reduce inflammation and swelling, to accelerate injury recovery. It can cause dopamine and endorphin levels to surge, minimising stress and boosting mood. It can even increase our resilience and mental fortitude.

If In Doubt, Shiver It Out

Getting into a shivering state for just a short amount of time can do wonderful things to both your mind and body. And you don’t need any special pieces of kit to practise cold water therapy (though I myself do have a Lumi Recovery Pod). You could simply have a cold shower or ice bath. If you live near the coast, you could take a dip in the sea if it’s safe to do so. The point is, if you’re not going to focus on sweat–whether that’s with a HIIT workout or sauna—and you’re unable to reach your step goal, or get to the gym for a strength session, shiver is the most achievable option. Because doing one of the 4S’s is always going to be better for you than doing nothing at all.

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