cold water therapy - leanne and antonia wading in a cold lake

The 4S’s: Shiver – The Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

It’s part three in our Thrive in Five series on the 4S’s: sweat, steps, shiver, and strength. Four non-negotiables, at least one of which needs to happen every day, for a healthier, happier, and longer life. Because, as we keep saying, making a series of small, consistent changes can have […]

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hydration - 3 top tips for drinking more water to improve our health as part of world health day by leanne spencer at bodyshot performance

World Health Day: Hydration

It’s week three of our World Health Day series focusing on what we can do to keep ourselves healthy. We’ve already talked about movement and connection, and this week is about hydration. It’s probably not unfair to say that most of us are not always at optimum hydration. And I

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