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This week is the final episode of the Remove the Guesswork podcast.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

What has been shared on this podcast since it began.

Where the archived episodes will continue to be available.

The stand-out experts that have been on the show over the years.

The project that’s coming up next for Leanne and what to expect from it.

Where the idea of the agile corporate athlete came from.

The methodology of being an agile corporate athlete, and the most important step.

Leanne’s favourite episodes of Remove the Guesswork and why.

Why Leanne says she’s not going anywhere.

When the new podcast is being released.

What Leanne has enjoyed the most looking back on all the episodes of this podcast.

A final goodbye from Leanne for this podcast.

Key Takeaways:

Over the past four years, Leanne has shared her best thoughts, ideas, guests, and over 271 episodes.

Leanne is coming out with a new podcast show which will be season-based. It launches in January 2022.

We can learn a lot from athletes because even though they are high-performing individuals, they don’t get burnt out.

Being planned out, prepared, and performance focused as an athlete can help you be your best self in all areas of your life. Recovery is the last but most important part of being a corporate athlete.

Addiction comes in all shapes and forms and can manifest itself in many different ways. Leanne did a great episode on this previously with consultant psychiatrist Dr. Alberto Pertusa.

Experienced listeners may have their own favourite episodes, which they are welcome to share.

Over the four years of doing this podcast, Leanne herself has grown so much. Her interviewing has improved and her attitudes toward well-being have changed too.

Action Steps:

If you want to check out Leanne’s six favourite episodes, listen to…

1.   The episode with Tristan Gooley, author of Natural Navigator.

2.   The episode with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Alberto Pertusa.

3.   The episode with Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia.

4.   The episode with Sober Fish Dawn Comolly called “The Rise of the Sober Curious”.

5.   The episode that documents Leanne’s Arctic Circle race.

6.   The episode about surviving the highlands during a challenging 5-day course.

Leanne said:

“I’ve had a look back, and there is so much there. I mean recovery, resilience, fitness, sleep, mental health, energy, nutrition, connection, biohacks, technology, science. So much there with some incredible experts as well.”

“We’ve been very grateful to have you on the end of the mic, as it were, listening. Podcasting is a great thing to do, a really fun thing to do, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.”

Links To Things Mentioned In The Podcast:

Survival in the Highlands: An Epic Adventure with Leanne Spencer
Taking Part in the World’s Toughest Ski Race: The Arctic Circle Race
The Rise of the Sober Curious with the Sober Fish Dawn Comolly
Natural Navigation: The Beautiful Art and Science of Being Able to Shape Your Journey with Tristan Gooley

Discussing Alcohol, Dependency, Addiction, ADHD, Anxiety, Dopamine And Much More With One Of London’s Leading Psychiatrists Dr. Alberto Pertusa – Bonus Episode!

Creating a Culture of Empathy and Engagement in Business

Leanne’s TEDx talk:

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