Natural Navigation: The Beautiful Art and Science of Being Able to Shape Your Journey with Tristan Gooley


Why do we need to know about natural navigation and how do we go about it? Natural navigator Tristan Gooley shares his knowledge and expertise about natural navigation to help us shape our journeys in new, beautiful ways.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What exactly is natural navigation?

  • What makes natural navigation interesting and enjoyable?

  • What type of people are attracted to natural navigation?

  • How is natural navigation relevant for the busy professionals?

Key Takeaways:

  • The scale of a journey doesn’t actually have a huge influence on the satisfaction we get from it physically or philosophically. But natural navigation can make a journey more exhilarating, more exciting, more challenging, and more rewarding.

  • Natural navigation is the beautiful art of understanding where we are and how to get to where we want to be, and it starts with very, very practical, effective techniques.

  • Certain aspects of nature attract certain types of people. Natural navigation is about understanding a bit of everything and how they fit together to make a map and how we make sense of our surroundings using these clues and signs. Through that aspect, it attracts everybody.

  • There’s an opportunity cost to technology. We should be aware when we’re choosing to use it because whenever we’re choosing to use it, we are, inevitably, choosing not to do something else.

Action Steps:

  • Learn more about natural navigation and use it in your journeys.

Tristan said:

“I think we are victims of our own success in tool making. We’ve created technologies which are not just very effective but quite alluring and possibly addictive.”

“Almost all of what we would consider the interesting aspects of life could be considered unnecessary. So necessity and interest are not the same at all… It’s more about what we find philosophically and physically rewarding.”

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