Survival in the Highlands: An Epic Adventure with Leanne Spencer


How do you survive the Scottish highlands? In this episode, I talk about my incredible experience at the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge. I share my insights and all the things I’ve learned throughout the five days of the grueling, tough, difficult and horrible but fantastic challenge.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The overwhelming feeling of gratitude throughout the experience
  • Why I wanted to do this challenge
  • The Bear Grylls Survival Challenge vs The Arctic Circle Race
  • The things you’re taught at the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge
  • What each day of the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge looked like
  • What the rescue situation was like

Key Takeaways:

  • We don’t get tested in a very primeval way anymore in terms of what we can endure.
  • The Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is an educational experience but also a test. And on the last night in the last day, you’re put to the test by being left on your own to see how you can self-rescue.
  • It’s so clever what the brain does to you, the cognitive dissonance.

Action Steps:

  • Try taking on a challenge to test yourself. Be out in nature.

Leanne said:

“It was an extraordinary experience. Very humbled by nature. It’s a real privilege to be amongst that land and those hills,  just feeling like I was part of something that was much bigger than me.”

“It’s a great example of what could happen when you get into your discomfort zone, and just being part of something that’s much, much bigger than yourself, basically.”

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