The Rise of the Sober Curious with the Sober Fish Dawn Comolly


How is your relationship with alcohol? And what is it like to be sober curious? Dawn Comolly and I share our individual stories on what led us to give up alcohol and the challenges of abstaining from it.

We talk about what it takes to start opening up your awareness to your relationship with alcohol and examining how healthy that relationship is, as well as some of the things that you can do to make it healthier without necessarily involving abstinence.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What life without alcohol is like
  • The strength you get from sobriety
  • How to tell when you’ve got a drinking problem
  • What it takes to start opening up your awareness of your relationship with alcohol
  • What it’s like to be sober curious
  • Mindful drinking

Key Takeaways:

  • The only person that’s going to save you from alcohol is yourself. As soon as you realise that, it opens up a world of possibilities.
  • If you think sobriety is boring, sobriety will be boring. If you think sobriety can be amazing, sobriety can be amazing. It’s all about the mindset. It’s not about what you’ve got in your glass, it’s about how you deal with your life and how you change things for the better.
  • You can’t fix an internal hole with something external. You have to do the work yourself.
  • There’s no point, in the beginning, doing the same things that you were doing before and expecting a different result.
  • The sober community is very strong in admiring other people’s successes and supporting other people’s failures.

Action Steps:

  • Commit to sobriety for a year. Once you get to the 6th month, your mindset is entirely different.
  • Practice self-love and self-care, and be patient with yourself.
  • Flood your mind with sobriety.
  • Make sure your environment is conducive to sobriety.

Dawn said:

“My health, my weight, my entire life is just so much better without alcohol in it.”

“I did think that by giving up alcohol… life was going to be really boring because sobriety is sold as being grey, dull, monotonous… and that’s partly what my aim is, is to explain that sobriety doesn’t have to be what society is telling us it is.”

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