Podcast: What is Oxytocin, and what does it do for you?

what is oxytocin the hugging chemical, two men hugging

What is Oxytocin, and what does it do for you? Have a listen as I share some ways that you can generate it.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

What is oxytocin

What oxytocin does

What you can do to generate oxytocin in the body


Key Takeaways:

Oxytocin is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. It plays a role in female reproductive functions as well as in different aspects of human behaviour.

Oxytocin is quickly produced in the body with human contact. Studies have shown that we get oxytocin as well as relaxation benefits when we have a massage.

Hugging also generates lots of oxytocin. Studies have also shown that when you hug a stranger for longer than 20 seconds, both of you will get a release of oxytocin.

Cuddling with your pet dog also results in a huge release of oxytocin in the body.

Action Steps:

Get oxytocin by doing the following:

Getting a massage.

Hugging people.

Cuddling with your dog.

Active listening.

Focused meditation.

Sharing your feelings with someone.

Practicing heartfulness.

Leanne said:

“[Heartfulness] is about doing something for somebody else, for something that’s bigger than you, or a cause that’s bigger than you.”

“[Heartfulness is also] about doing something that is all about you. So it may be reconnecting with a hobby, a passion, or a purpose that you’ve just found.”

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