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Are you fed up with the one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness? Are you anxious that your current lifestyle might be selling off your future and affecting your healthspan? You’ve had a personal trainer but you’re not seeing the results you’re after?

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Stressed, run down, burnt out?

Modern day pressures mean increasingly more stressful jobs and work pressure. With more and more demands on your time, you have little to no work life balance. As a result maybe you’re noticing red flags going up in relation to your sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion or fitness – and feel run-down, stressed out or even on the way to burnout.

These are all too common concerns we encounter here at Bodyshot Performance. We work with busy professionals who are feeling the convergent pressures of work and home life squeezing the bandwidth for time to focus on their health and wellbeing. We work with you on a 121 basis for 6 or 12 months using the latest science and technology. To create bespoke and truly personalised health and wellbeing programmes that are so much more than personal training.

What's Your Health IQ?

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Where is your current health at?

Discover what your Health IQ score is based on our unique Six Signals® methodology: sleep, mental health, body composition, energy, digestion and physical fitness. Our simple diagnostic tool will help you understand where you should prioritise your efforts.

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Total Health Optimisation Programme


Everything you need to create a healthy body and healthy mind

The Total Health Optimisation product provides personalised data based on your DNA, blood and microbiome results, backed up with some expertise from one of our personal trainers and health coaches. Includes the DNA test for optimal diet and fitness, a non-invasive blood panel, a microbiome test and the Oura Ring for sleep monitoring and recovery.

I realised early on that I didn’t have to go to the gym every day, run a marathon, or change my eating habits hugely. It was just simple things. Since the first week of the program with Bodyshot I’ve not felt low for one minute.

Brian Chernett

Chief Executive

brain body reboot programme

By your side

Our award-winning health and fitness coaching packages are delivered using our unique Six Signals® Methodology and the latest science and technology, including DNA, microbiome and blood testing, and innovative wearable tech. The fitness coaching is delivered by one of our experienced health coaches, and sessions are online to fit in with your busy schedule.


Six Signals® Of Interconnected Health


Signing the way

Our unique Six Signals® methodology is made up of sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. Each signal impacts on the others in what we call an interconnected health model. It’s important to have a good understanding of each signal and what it means for your health and longevity.

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