Six Signals Methodology
The foundations of our interconnected health model

Bodyshot have identified six main areas where we see clients having issues. We call these areas the Six Signals® because they are strong indicators of how healthy you are. The Six Signals® are sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness, and each signal impacts on the others.

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The Six Signals® are sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. Each signal impacts on the others in what we call an interconnected health model. There are very strong proven links between mental health and digestive health. Low energy will affect your fitness levels and cause sleep problems. A lack of sleep will profoundly affect your mental health, energy levels, gut health, overall fitness levels and your body composition. We know that a short night of sleep can affect hormones levels in such a way that we have increased appetite and decreased feelings of satiety, which will lead to weight gain in the mid-term. It’s important to have a good understanding of each signal and what it means for your health and longevity.

The Six Signals®

What are they and how are they interconnected?


A sleep signal is waking early and being unable to go to sleep

Mental Health

A mental health signal is anxiety, chronic stress or burnout


An energy signal is fluctuating energy levels or being unable to energise yourself for certain activities or when at home with your family

Body Composition

A body composition signal is rapid weight gain, metabolic issues or difficulties absorbing nutrients from food


A digestion signal is acid reflux or loose stools


A fitness signal is sudden loss of fitness, mobility issues or unexplained aches and pains

Sleep Signal

Force Multiplier

We call sleep the ‘force multiplier’ because of the powerful influence it has on our health, fitness and wellbeing. If you don’t get enough quality sleep, it’s very difficult to thrive or make changes to your lifestyle. You simply won’t have the energy or the head space.

Mental Health Signal

Healthy minds mean healthy bodies

Healthy minds mean healthy bodies. Part of the interconnected health model is recognising that we need to take care of every element of our health. Mental nourishment is just that; providing our minds with nutrition, rest and stimulation at the right times and in the right intensity.

Energy Signal

Energy is not created, it exists

Energy is not created, it exists and needs to be converted in the body via food, heat, cold and sunlight amongst other sources. Energy fuels your body’s internal functions, repairs, builds and maintains cells and body tissues, and supports the external activities that enable you to interact with the physical world.

Body Composition Signal

Healthy body composition

Body composition is the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in your body. A healthy body composition is one that includes a lower percentage of body fat and a higher percentage of fat-free mass, which includes muscle, bones, and organs.

Digestion Signal

How healthy is your gut?

Digestion is the process of breaking down food into small molecules of nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream for energy, growth and cell repair. It is primarily undertaken in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), liver, gall bladder and pancreas, but it also involves the microbiome.

Fitness Signal

Fitness is more than just physical

Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy but it’s also about being fit for the rigours of daily life and having the energy to do all the things you want to do. Fitness isn’t just physical it’s about being mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.


It’s in Your Genes

Truly personalised nutrition and fitness

The discovery of DNA means you can now remove all the guesswork about what type of nutrition plan suits you best and what type of exercise your body responds best to. Prior to this technology, you had to go through a process of trial and error, often taking weeks or months and leading to frustration.

I went for it and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Bodyshot look at health from a holistic perspective using the Six Signals methodology – sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. The fitness programme was fantastic because it was a home-based program which saved me a lot of time and prevented me finding an excuse not to do it. The coaching sessions were brilliant because that helped me focus and stay on track and explore new ideas. That aspect of the program was invaluable.

Maria Cooper

Producer, BBC

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