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Health and wellbeing at Work is a Competitive Advantage

Bodyshot Performance is an award-winning wellbeing company that uses technology and science-based solutions to create happy, healthy and resilient teams.

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Be leaders for health in the workplace

Do you want to be known as the best in the industry for looking after your employees and truly pioneering the practice of well-being at work?

Wellbeing is a proven competitive advantage for businesses. Improve resilience levels within your organisation to drive more energy through your business.


Helping Employees Take Ownership of their Health

We blend science and technology to empower employees to take ownership of their health with actionable insights that can be implemented straight away.  Our Wellbeing Workshops include Sleep, Mental Health, Energy,  Health Optimisation, Resilience, Fitness, Wellbeing, Weight Management, Self-Care and Life Changes. Our Workshops are delivered by coaches who have a unique blend of skills and attributes – simply put, we bring a different perspective to health and wellness at work.

Wellbeing at Work Playbook

Your company's blueprint for good health

Our Wellbeing Playbook is a beautifully designed, bespoke blueprint for good health that leverages the latest scientific research. It contains content on sleep, mental health, resilience, self-care, the immune system, remote working, energy, fitness, body composition, digestive health, life changes, connection, travel hacks, weight management and more. Check out the video to find out why ThoughtWorks, DAZN and iTech Media have rolled this out to their teams.


Work with Us to Create a Culture of Wellbeing

Leanne Spencer is a keynote speaker, wellbeing consultant, three times bestselling author and podcaster. Leanne has over 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition and has been in the wellbeing industry for over 10 years. Contact Leanne to start your wellbeing journey, develop your wellbeing strategy, position wellbeing as a growth strategy or create a game-changing strategy that wins awards.


What Impact is Wellbeing Having on Your Teams

Take our Wellbeing at Work Scorecard and find out how your business measures up in four key areas of wellbeing:

  • Wellbeing Strategy & Aspirations
  • Wellbeing Resources & Training
  • Energy & Motivation
  • Leadership & Values

The Six Signals® Methodology

six signals methodology

Our Award-Winning Methodology

The Six Signals® are sleep, mental health, energy, resilience, recovery and fitness. Each signal is part of an interconnected health model. When you combine a good sleep routine with positive mental health and small daily movement habits for energy, you build resilience. When combined with what we call slivers of recovery, you become fit for the rigours of working life.

Working with Clients

Client: DAZN

Your webinar has had over 758 views in a single day which is a Britvic record for online content! I’ve had quite a few emails this morning after I sent out the recording to those who attended saying they’ve circulated it to their teams. I suspect we will have a full house for our next session!

Group Head of Talent & Learning, Britvic PLC

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