Podcast: What to look for in a personal trainer

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This week we’re talking about what to look for in a personal trainer

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

When Leanne started as a personal trainer.

Your ideal criteria for selecting a personal trainer.

When Leanne had a personal trainer.

Why Leanne is a big fan of getting a coach or trainer.

The aesthetic of fitness versus the substance of fitness.

Why a trainer is only as good as what they know.

Questions to ask a potential trainer right off the bat.

Why communication supports subtle movement.

What the animal flow community is.

Questions that can help you figure out if your trainer is a good motivator or not.

Why you shouldn’t physically compare yourself to your trainer.

One of the key philosophies at Bodyshot Performance.

Why you should consider values and personality when looking for a trainer.

Key Takeaways:

A number of people on Leanne’s team are personal trainers.

Leanne is a big fan of getting a personal trainer because there are so many benefits, such as sharing knowledge and holding you accountable.

Having a coach or trainer can be advantageous because they can help to inspire and push you.

The rise of social media has influenced the way we look at fitness, and we are more aesthetically driven than ever before.

Some trainers have aesthetics and knowledge, but we can’t assume that. It’s important to ask and find out before hiring them.

There are many ways in which a trainer could be qualified including reading, researching, learning from others, listening to podcasts, courses, and continuing education.

Communication is an important skill for a trainer to possess in order to do their job effectively.

Without the skill of being able to motivate others, a trainer’s ability to teach and communicate won’t matter. They have to also be able to motivate you to do the work.

As a trainer, it’s important to practice what you teach and use your own lifestyle as a way to inspire others.

Fitness is about what it means to you, not just aesthetics or your weight.

Get on a call with your prospective trainer and ask them the tough questions so you can get to know their values.

Action Steps:

If you want to look for a personal trainer, consider:

  1. Knowledge. A trainer can only be as good as what they know. Qualifications are important and so is experience and education.
  2. Communication. A great trainer should be able to communicate how their client can move their body correctly and effectively.
  3. Motivation. Even if the trainer is knowledgeable and a great communicator, they still need to be able to motivate you to do the work.
  4. Inspire. Your trainer should live a lifestyle that inspires you and practice what they teach you.

Leanne said:

“I’m a big fan of getting a coach for things, definitely for fitness as well. It’s great if you can do it yourself, but no one will push you quite as hard as a trainer. You’ll get new ideas; you’ll certainly make sure you’re doing things in the correct way if you’ve got a decent trainer. And hopefully that person will inspire you to continually alter, change, and push towards new goals.”

“Basically, what I’m trying to say is go for substance over style. Don’t be too drawn to the aesthetic.”

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Link to Leanne TED talk on ‘why fitness is more important than weight’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SLP1BF7KBQ

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