If you think it’s about personal training, you’ve missed the point



I’m often asked why I left a well-paid job in the City to start working as a personal trainer. It’s a good question. I had no clients, no equipment, no logo, no branding, just a Diploma in Personal Training (it takes six weeks to attain that qualification – frightening, isn’t it). I had gone from a guaranteed income which permitted a good lifestyle, with a team of people to do things for me, to a situation where if I didn’t make it happen, it wasn’t going to happen. I loved it. Why? Because I knew I could create something special given time. I knew that I had something that was crucial for success, and that would enable me to attract clients, a team, partners and opportunities; a sense of purpose.

My purpose

My purpose in life and in business is this: I want to empower people to prolong their healthspan by reigniting lives, strengthening bodies and empowering minds. This drives both Bodyshot Performance® and The RISE Method®. What we do far transcends personal training. Our role is to be a change agent, building a relationship with our clients that extends into every day, not just the days we’re together. We need to be unafraid to challenge clients when they need challenging, and to avoid over-praising , which can hinder progress.

So if it’s not about personal training, what’s it really about?

It’s about asking the right questions; timing; emotional intelligence; pacing, and above all, listening.

It’s about breaking negative habits and freeing our clients to live happier lives

It’s about helping people reconnect with their bodies

It’s about helping people open their minds to the power of human movement

It’s about empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and to realise their dreams

It’s about making the connections between movement, health and fulfilling potential

So if you think it’s all about personal training, then you’ve missed the point. It’s about so much more than nutrition, exercise and motivation. Our clients go on to achieve great things once they’ve made the connection between movement, health and potential. If you aren’t there yet, start today. Go out for a walk or a short jog. Stir up the basic human need for movement and feel the blood rushing through your body.

Find your potential.

Leanne Spencer is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Author of ‘Rise and Shine: Recover from burnout and get back to your best‘ and Founder of Bodyshot Performance Limited. Bodyshot specialises in bringing the science of genetics to the world of fitness. Connect with the team @BodyshotPT or Facebook or visit our website at https://www.bodyshotperformance.com/ 

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