Podcast: The Foundations of Fitness

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In this episode, we’re covering the foundations of fitness. What are they and why are they so important? There are a few strategies you can easily work into your daily life to maintain your foundations of fitness, which Leanna explains. These foundations not only influence your physical health, but your mental wellbeing too.

This study found that when an individual walked briskly for ten minutes, their overall mood and energy improved for up to two hours afterwards. So, that’s a huge return on investment.

Leanne Spencer

Topics Covered Include:

What fitness is really about, and why it’s truly important

Common questions about fitness

The most difficult thing Leanne has ever done, and the conversation that followed

When Leanne first started considering the foundations of fitness

The foundations of fitness that are relevant to everyone

What current research says about walking

How many steps Leanne aims to get each day to maintain her health

What movement snacking is, along with its benefits

The negative impact of sitting after 30 minutes

Key takeaways:

How morning walks can influence your day in so many positive ways

Tips on increasing the number of steps you are able to achieve each day

A trick to movement that utilises dopamine

The biggest advantages to movement snacking that Leanne has seen

Why standing should be your default position

Action steps:

Set your non-negotiables for health

Make standing your default

Make your own standing desk or source a cheap alternative

Add movement snacks to your daily routine

Start the day the right way with a short 10 minute brisk walk

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