Thrive In Five: Start and End Your Day The Right Way

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This week’s Thrive In Five is about starting and ending your day in the right way

I hope you’re staying healthy and feeling good. This week I want to talk about “bookends” of your day in our Thrive In Five conversation.

How you start and end your day can be really important, both for the quality of that day, but also for the quality of sleep that you get. I use the concept of “bookends” to start and end the day using the right “bookends” is really important.

How to start the day in the right way, there’s lots of different things you could do to “bookend” a day.

One of the things I want to introduce to you is the idea of going out for a brisk walk. Now I’m lucky enough to have a dog, Kami. That means that I have to walk her at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day. So I start the day with a 30-40 minutes, of fairly slow, moochy walking, as it is really all about Kami and her sniffing. I will consciously try and accelerate the pace of that walk for 10 minutes. The reason I do this is because studies have shown that 10 minutes of brisk walking significantly improves your mood and energy for up to two hours after the walk. Plus if you do this every day for three weeks or more, the study showed that your overall mood and energy improves continuously throughout the day.

10 minutes a day of brisk walking gets you improved mood and energy throughout the whole day.

As we’re approaching winter and we’re approaching a new set of restrictions with regards to the coronavirus, things are very difficult for all of us. Most of us would love a little boost in mood and love a little boost in energy.

So think about how you bookend your day. Movement and exercise is a really nice thing to do to top and tail the day. If you’re working from home, it also provides you with a bit of a infrastructure to commence at the beginning of the workday and to indicate to you, your mind and your body that you’ve finished your workday.

So start and finish the day in the right way with “bookends” of 10 minutes of exercise a day. Starting off your day with that 10 minute brisk walk for mood and energy could significantly improve your whole day.

As always give it a go, let us know how you get on and stay healthy.

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