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This week’s Thrive in Five is About Motivational Images

It’s the second part of our Magic Minute series. In week one I talked about daydreaming to boost your mood and energy. This week, I want to talk about how motivational images can be used to achieve your goals.

Using images as a means for motivation isn’t a new thing – we can all probably think of at least one corny poster. But I want to discuss how visual images can serve as a powerful reminder of something that inspires you.

A visual Representation

It is easy to quickly move on and forget about the thing that inspired us when we experience these feelings in the moment. Though they are beautifully spontaneous, we often lose them as our attention shifts to something else. Using a visual representation can help to take you back to that feeling whenever you look at it. On my desk I have a picture of my cat, Monty, who sadly is no longer with us. Occasionally, I will look over at it and remember how gorgeous, affectionate, and loving he was.

In fact, my office is full of pictures: photos of us on adventures like when we did the Arctic Circle Race, photos of me running a marathon in fancy dress, I even have a picture of Noel Gallagher to remind me not to take myself too seriously! Looking at these images provides little opportunities for motivation, slivers of energising thoughts.

Feeling Inspired

Psychologists use visual stimuli to guide mental imagery and boost imagination. Research shows that increased ability to visualise can amplify people’s motivation toward goal-directed actions. For example, looking at a photograph of an athlete that you admire may inspire you to exercise or take up a new sport. Looking at pictures of us doing the Arctic Circle Race reminds me of how tough it was, and makes me feel that I can overcome pretty much anything!

So, what could you have on your desk? What motivational images could you have around your office? What could you look at – perhaps a picture in your phone or wallet – that motivates you? Something to give you that little zip of energy to get the job done.

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