How to Build Healthy Resilient Teams

Using our model of the Cadence Approach™, we’ve created an interactive infographic for you to share with your teams to promote good health and wellbeing, using science, good practice and a little bit of biohacking.

Get access to the online interactive infographic or download the PDF to read our practical tips on sleep, gut health, the nervous system, fitness, energy, recovery, supplementation and hormetic stress.

About the infographic

Healthy Resilient Teams

The last 12 months has brought employee wellbeing into sharp focus and for good reason. HR teams and the C-suite have realised that the health of it’s teams is an integral part of the business, arguably the most important part.

Are you helping your teams see themselves as Corporate Athletes?

Serena Williams is one of the most decorated athletes of our generation, but even she won’t be Grand Slam fit all the way through her year. She will be gearing up to big events, then de-loading and recovering. As Business Athletes, we believe we need to manage our energy in the same way. We have very demanding jobs, and it can be tempting to think we need to be ‘on’ all the time. This can lead to chronic stress, unhappiness, poor productivity and ultimately burnout.

Our infographic will show you what key areas of health to prioritise in order to ensure you and your teams are happy, healthy and resilient.

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Bodyshot have been instrumental in demonstrating to our employees the importance of wellbeing. Bodyshot have shown our employees, many of whom travel and work away from home, that good wellbeing can be achieved even when you’re out of your regular routine.

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