Increasing Employee Engagement and Retention: What Part Does Wellbeing Play and Why Does It Matter?


If you run your own business or if you are responsible for looking after people within a company, this recording of my talk in the event that we held recently will surely be really interesting to you. We talk about some of the facts and figures that identify what the problem is around employee engagement and retention and the part that wellbeing plays.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is the cost to the economy of presenteeism, leaveism, and absenteeism

  • The problems within corporations around mental health, energy and lack of sleep

  • The symptoms of modern malaise

  • The difference between stress and burnout

  • The six attributes of wellbeing

  • The PERFORM Scorecard

  • The Times 100 company which is voted best to work for, for wellbeing, and the strategies that they employ

  • The companies that prioritize wellbeing as a competitive advantage and how they do it

Key Takeaways:

  • The problems related to employees’ wellbeing comes down to three things – sleep, mental health, and energy.

  • One of the top symptoms of the modern malaise is mental malnourishment. Some of us are looking after our bodies but many of us are not looking after our minds. But also a lack of authenticity, people doing something that doesn’t have a purpose, that isn’t authentic to them.

  • It’s important to make a distinction between stress and burnout. Stress in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s basically a state of mental tension or worry cause by short events. Burnout, on the other hand, is the exhaustion of physical, emotional, and mental strength.

  • Companies that have a strong sense of purpose have three times the annual growth of their peers in their industry.

  • Energy through the business is absolutely vital. There is an obligation from the employee’s perspective to bring enough energy to work, but also from the employer’s perspective to make the company an energetic place to work.

Action Steps for Business Owners and Executives:

  • Have a strong sense of purpose for your company.

  • Make your organisation an energetic place to work.

  • Provide tools to enable employees to stay healthy.

  • Demonstrate the importance of general fitness.

  • Exhibit and encourage openness.

  • Think of ways to help employees revitalize themselves.

  • Increase awareness and acceptance of mental health within the organisation.

Leanne said:

“We need an element of stress to make things happen… so in some ways, it’s no bad thing. When stress becomes a bad thing is when it becomes prolonged and elevated.”

“It’s not the weight of what you are holding; it’s how long you are holding it for. So you can give your employees something stressful to deal with, a heavy load to lift and carry, but you go and let them put it down and leave it down for a while so they can recover.”

Thanks for listening!

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