The PERFORM Company Scorecard

Understand how well your organisation is performing against our PERFORM criteria:

P – Purpose
E – Energy
R – Resilience
F – Fitness
O – Openness
R – Revitalisation
M - Mental Health


Number of Employees
Before We Start

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Does your organisation have a clearly -stated purpose (not Mission, Vision or Values)?

Do the majority of your employees share this sense of purpose?

Is this purpose communicated across all your digital and printed assets and marketing?

Do you provide time for employees to either volunteer their time to a charity, organisation or community-based program?


Would you describe your organisation as an energetic place to work?

Does your organisation support and encourage employees taking microbreaks to re-energise throughout the day?

Does your organisation have a policy for maintaining basic minimum activity levels for employees?

How would you rate the energy within your organisation?


Do you have any policy to detect for presenteeism (when employees are coming into work when they are sick or unwell)?

Do you have any way to identify when an employee is struggling or may need additional support?

Do you provide tools to enable employees to stay healthy, for example an eLearning Course, workshops, books etc?

Do you have a clear escalation route for an employee who might be suffering from stress or ill health?


Do you encourage employees to be active during the workday (for example a policy to encourage use of stairs not escalator, step-trackers, standing meetings etc)?

Does your organisation provide subsidised gym membership, wearables like a FitBit or anything similar to encourage staying active?

Does your organisation provide any form of training around the importance of general fitness?

Does anyone in the leadership team of your organisation demonstrate the importance of general fitness for the rigours or business and modern life?


In your opinion, does your company culture make it easy to talk about how you’re feeling?

Has anyone in your leadership team openly discussed the importance of wellbeing either for them or their organisation?

Has anyone in your leadership team openly discussed the importance of wellbeing either for them or their organisation?

Is your organisation willing to be bold and decisive in the pursuit of better health for the organisation and it’s employees?


Are there spaces in your grounds or buildings that contain plants or other aspects of nature?

Is there good availability of natural light in your offices, shared spaces and meeting rooms?

Do you have quiet spaces or recovery areas dedicated for employees who want to take a break, a short nap or meditate?

Do you have an email policy for outside of business hours or during employee vacation times?


Has anyone in your leadership team spoken openly about their mental health or someone close to them?

Is there an Employee Assistance Program to support those employees who might be feeling unwell or have mental health challenges?

In your opinion would employees be able to talk openly about their mental health in your organisation without fear of judgement?

Is your organisation currently running any initiatives or programs aimed at increasing awareness and acceptance of mental health in the workplace?

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