Podcast: How Does Your Environment Affect Wellbeing?

How Does Your Environment Affect Wellbeing? Zen working environment

This week we’re discussing how your environment affects your wellbeing.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

What we usually think about in terms of our health besides our environment.

How Leanne has designed her immediate environment to energize her.

Pollutants and other hazards to check for in your environment.

Why having an energizing environment is important.

The role that lighting plays in wellbeing.

How you can arrange your space to promote a higher degree of movement.

Aspects of your greater outside environment that can impact your health.

The best times to take your daily walk.

What circumstances may push you to consider moving.

Why it’s important to do meaningful work.

The environment you actually spend the most time in.

Key Takeaways:

Energizing your immediate physical environment, such as your office or rooms in your home, can support your overall wellbeing.

Lighting is also important for energy and should be considered when focusing on your environment.

Avoid overdoing it in terms of comfort in your immediate physical environment to promote movement.

Your outside environment is as important as the inside environments you live in, so take a drive, get some fresh air, and be outside as often as possible.

Leanne is taking part in an accelerator program, and she finds the group to be challenging and inspiring. Social interactions that stimulate you intellectually are important.

Feeling connected to people is a fundamental human need.

It’s important to have some time for imagination and escapism in your own mind, but also to do so within limits.

Environment is one of the more underappreciated aspects of wellbeing.

Action Steps:

Here are the environments you can consider making changes to for your wellbeing:

1.   Immediate physical environment: the rooms you spend the most time in, such as your office or rooms in your home.

2.   Outside environment: the environment in your local area.

3.   Community environment: the people you surround yourself with, such as friends and family.

4.   Social environment: extended community environment which includes all the people and communities you interact with.

5.   Mental environment: the environment of your own mind.

Leanne said:

“We often think about nutrition, sleep, fitness, movement, mental health, resilience, but we don’t always take into account our literal immediate environment.”

“If you live in an area that’s heavily polluted, can you consider making a move? Or perhaps you consider getting out every now and then, whether that’s a drive to the countryside or a drive down to the coast. Be mindful of the air quality you live in, because that can really affect our health.”

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