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Burnout Prevention resources 12 Stages of Burnout

This week’s Thrive in Five is about our brand new Burnout Prevention Resource

This week I want to point you towards an amazing resource we’ve just published called the 12 stages of burnout.

Burnout is becoming a serious threat to the welfare of teams and to the culture of the companies in which they work. One difficulty in managing burnout is knowing what to look out for; what are the signs, passive and active, of burnout and when does stress become more serious?

So we took these stages that were identified by two psychologists, Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North. We have put it into an online resource where we’ve got practical tips for each stage, whether that’s for you or for your teams.

Burnout Prevention Support

This resource covers:

  • What does burnout look like?
  • When does good stress become bad stress?
  • What are all the stages along the way?
  • What are the red flags that if you recognise in you or your teams, you need to act on?

We give you actionable insights for each stage, helping you identify what steps you can act on for yourself or for a team member or colleague.

So I hope you enjoy our burnout prevention resource. Feel free to share it with anyone else who needs to see it with anyone in your organisation as well. It’s a free resource. We hope you enjoy it. And that’s it from me.

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