Podcast: My blueprint for good health and wellbeing part 1

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This week we’re talking about my blueprint for good health and wellbeing.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

Why good health and wellbeing matters.

The benefits of being physically strong.

Examples of how functional fitness helps you in everyday life.

Leanne’s four main reasons for creating a health blueprint.

The difference between healthspan and lifespan.

The importance of maintaining strong, healthy bones as we age.

How resistance training is an investment in your future.

What a hex bar is and what it’s useful for.

Why the kettlebell is a convenient piece of equipment to have.

How a blueprint provides structure for health.

What Leanne is currently using to support strength.

Leanne’s overall goals and how she’s working towards them.

The exercise classes Leanne is taking on a regular basis.

The importance of variety in your health routine.

What to think about when creating your own weekly routine.

Examples of bodyweight exercises that promote good health and movement.

Key Takeaways:

You can use Leanne’s blueprint as inspiration to create your own.

Gaining physical strength is about so much more than getting stronger, as it can also improve your self-esteem and the way you carry yourself.

Being functionally fit makes a lot of things easier like lifting heavy items or carrying your children.

During perimenopause, hormone levels fluctuate and a drop in estrogen can impact bone structure and strength.

Strength training supports healthy bones and therefore promotes longevity.

Making equipment like a hex bar or kettlebell readily available can support you in your training goals.

Goals are important for structure and accountability and should be worked into your blueprint.

Leanne has variety in her training including resistance training, Peloton, kung fu, boxing, and more.

Leanne will be covering more about these disciplines in part two of sharing her blueprint for health.

Leanne’s blueprint helps her reach her ultimate goals of supporting strength, health, mood, and energy.

Action Steps:

What to consider when thinking about your weekly routine:

1. Does it meet your goals? You want to create a blueprint that’s unique to you so you can meet your specific health goals.

2. Is there enough variety? Your routine should be well-rounded so that you are supported in your health in as many ways as possible.

3. Are you tuned into why you’re doing it? Knowing why you’re doing something helps sustain motivation. Leanne’s reasons are strength, health, mood, and energy.

Leanne said:

“There’s not an easy way to describe how feeling strong feels except that it leads to healthy self-esteem, good confidence, it affects the way you carry yourself both literally and figuratively throughout life, throughout conversations, and throughout difficult interactions that you might have.”

“The whole thing’s about health, basically. Mood – I’m always looking to get exercise and leverage movement to improve my mood. And energy’s a vital one, and I find that fitness really helps to boost energy as well as expend it.”

Links To Things Mentioned In The Podcast:

Article on personal training: https://www.bodyshotperformance.com/if-you-think-its-about-personal-training-youve-missed-the-point/

Link to Leanne TED talk on ‘why fitness is more important than weight’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SLP1BF7KBQ

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