Podcast: Wellbeing Within Work

wellbeing at work women having a walking meeting

How is wellbeing most effectively intertwined with work? Leanne shares her philosophies and thoughts around wellbeing within work and why people should be educated about it.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Prioritizing wellbeing

Intertwining wellbeing into work

Interactive wellbeing content online

Key Takeaways:

People have got access to resources for their wellbeing but they’re not utilising them because they feel guilty to take time away from doing work.

We need to find ways of encouraging people to educate themselves and to inspire and motivate themselves to make wellbeing the essence of everything they do.

Wellbeing needs to be supported and underpinned at C level.

We will need to intertwine wellbeing into work for it to be accepted and to be effective.

Wellbeing content is going to need to be more interactive.

Action Steps:

Prioritize recovery, sleeping well, having good mental health and wellbeing, and having good energy and resilience.

Educate yourself on how to stay resilient for life changes and how to stay fit for the rigours of life.

Think about how to intertwine wellbeing into work.

Leanne said:

“Every company is going to need to link with wellbeing as we move into the next phase of recovery and beyond that, back into growth and into a situation where we thrive economically and on a micro-level as a business.”

“If we’re encouraging people to move more, why not encourage walking meetings?”

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