Sugar: The Devil’s Delight or a Sweet Treat? The Health Implications of Sugar with Paleo Health Coach Laura Bolton


Have you got a sweet tooth? Most people in the world are suffering from sugar addiction, whether they know it or not, but is sugar really that bad? Join me as I interview paleo health coach Laura Bolton who talks to us about the health implications of sugar.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The Paleo diet

  • The issues around sugar and what it does when we consume it

  • The health risks involved with over-consuming sugar

  • The unlikely things that you might find high amounts of sugar

  • Some tips to cut down sugar

Key Takeaways:

  • Sugar addiction is an epidemic. If we look at the foods that people are consuming and the health and performance issues that they are suffering from, most of those are being driven at their root cause by sugar.

  • Maintaining the integrity of our gut lining and maintaining a healthy gut is critical to our overall health. But what sugar does, particularly fructose, is it damages our gut lining and contributes to a leaky gut.

  • Sugar is highly addictive. In fact, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. It’s addictive in terms of the fact that in our brain they create dopamine, but also that it feeds our gut microbiome.

Action Steps:

  • Cut down your sugar intake.

  • Look at the labels and see how much sugar content there is in the food products you are consuming.

  • Eat “real” food.

  • Make your diet vegetable-dominant.

  • Avoid food that comes in a packet.

Laura said:

“It’s sad but this is normally what happens, people wait until they have serious symptoms and then they’re motivated to actually change their diets rather than do it before it gets to that point.”

“Eat what you want, do whatever you want, but do it from an informed place. For me, personally, I don’t believe it’s fair that so many people are eating foods that they even think of doing them good; they’re actually doing them harm.”

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