Podcast: Tabata Workouts and the 3 ways you can use it to your advantage

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Are you looking for something to energize your day and enhance your health?

Leanne shares what’s been working well for her recently.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Tabata and the 3 ways you can use it to your advantage

Key Takeaways:

Tabata is a form in exercise that originates from the research of Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports at Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It’s 8 cycles of 20 seconds of high-intensity activity followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Their research found that this form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a very effective way of getting physiological adaptations in a very short space of time.

Some exercises you can do for Tabata:

Isometric holds



Tabata is a powerful way to exercise and has been proven to be good for cardiovascular fitness.

Before a rich meal, when you want to control your blood sugar response to the food you’re about to eat, doing something like a Tabata sequence has been proven to help regulate your insulin sensitivity and, therefore, your glycemic variability.

A short walk after a rich meal would also help to regulate your glycemic variability or blood sugar levels.

Action Steps:

Consider doing Tabata as an energizer.

Do a Tabata sequence prior to eating a rich meal.

Leanne said:

“Any point in the day that you need to move, get a Tabata… and you’ll really feel the benefits, get all that fresh oxygenated blood moving through the body.”

“If you’re short on time, always think about Tabata. It’s a fantastic bang for [your] buck in terms of the time you put in.”

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