Podcast: Low Mood – And What to Do About It!

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We all experience low mood at times, particularly for women who are perimenopausal or going through the menopause. In this episode Leanne shares what she is actively doing to combat low mood, to minimise the feelings of low mood but also what to do when you’re having a low mood day.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  1. The positive impact of 10 minutes of brisk walking every day for three weeks or more on your overall mood and energy. A study shows mood and energy improved significantly throughout the whole day.
  2. The impact of structured exercise sessions on mood and energy, how to tweak them according to your energy levels.
  3. The idea of heartfulness – heartfulness is reconnecting with a passion or hobby that you have loved, but maybe haven’t had much time for recently, or it’s about doing something for someone or something bigger than you.
  4. Access and exposure to natural light and fresh air, benefits mood and energy and increases serotonin.
  5. Getting out into nature.
  6. Connection – connection to yourself, connection to things you’re passionate about and interested in, connection to people you love and care for.

Key Takeaways:

Build more movement into your day with a concept called movement snacking.

Start the day with a brisk 10 minute walk outside. This combines light exposure and the benefits of starting the day with a brisk walk.

Try something new or pick up something you love but haven’t had time for.

Build something heartful into your week, for yourself or for a larger cause.

Focus on connection.

Action Steps:

6 things that you can do to improve or mitigate against low mood:

Start the day with a brisk 10 minute walk outside.

Do movement snacking to build more movement into your day or think about adjusting your workouts to be more frequent but less full on.

Take mini breaks outside throughout the day to get exposure to daylight.

Find something you are passionate about and build a heartfulness practise around it, this can be for you or for something bigger than you.

If you can get out in nature.

Reconnect with an old passion or hobby, or perhaps try something completely new.

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