Podcast: How can feeling a lack of control Affect your wellbeing

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Are you feeling a lack of control over what’s happening in your life? How is that affecting your wellbeing? What can you do about it?

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Feeling a lack of control and frustration about the pandemic
  • Tips on how you can get more control and create more spontaneity in your life
  • Internal vs external locus of control

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a lot more things that you can control than you think.
  • If you have an internal locus of control, you feel in control of things, that your decisions and your say matter, and that you profoundly affect your life and the direction it takes.
  • An external locus of control is when you don’t have any feelings of power, agency, or control. You feel that life will happen to you and that you can’t change it.

Action Steps:

Pick out what works for you. Pick out what you think you can tangibly implement rather than trying to absorb everything.

  1. Look to focus on what you can control. Have daily goals. Define your non-negotiables.
  2. Pick a cause and get behind it.
  3. Change your locus of control.

Leanne said:

“I’m starting to see people’s wellbeing suffer from a lack of control and the frustration about the pandemic. The frustration that we can’t do things, we can’t travel, we can’t see people, we can’t connect in some of the ways that we are designed to and really want to.”

“I think we can take such positive messages from nature. No matter what’s happened to you, no matter how upended and uprooted you feel, you will find a way back to the light, you will find a way to thrive again. So hang in there!”

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