Health, Fitness & Wellbeing and Why Leanne Founded Bodyshot Performance with Ridge Radio

Leanne Spencer founder of Bodyshot Performance with the host of Ridge Radio

What are the challenges and rewards that come with running a health and wellbeing company? Leanne Spencer shares the story of how she got into health, fitness, and wellbeing, and why she founded Bodyshot Performance.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Leanne got into the health and wellbeing industry
  • The Six Signals methodology
  • Working with companies to create a culture of energy, vitality, and performance and underpinning wellbeing as a competitive advantage
  • Biohacking and alternative ways of addressing health and wellbeing issues
  • Running Bodyshot Performance and getting the right people on the team
  • The most rewarding aspect of running a health and wellbeing company
  • Stress versus burnout
  • Having a company healthy charter
  • Leanne’s books Rise and Shine and Remove the Guesswork

Key Takeaways:

  • Fitness is just a small component of health. There are other components that are just as significant like sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, and digestive health.
  • Biohacking is a term that describes the use of science, technology, and nature to improve your physiology. One example is to wear blue light blocking glasses so that your melatonin isn’t suppressed and you can get to sleep at night.
  • As human beings, we were designed to endure stress providing we get adequate recovery. The issue with burnout is that people are under too much stress for too long.
  • Signs that your stress is becoming chronic include struggling to sleep, loss of appetite, weight gain, hair loss, anxiety, and behavioral or personality problems.

Action Steps:

  • Prioritize recovery and practice heartfulness.
  • Build your resilience by taking yourself out to your discomfort zone every now and again.

Leanne said:

“Sleep, mental health, and energy as an employee, I should be very interested in sleeping well, having good mental health, and being really energized for life. And an employer should be equally interested in me having those things.”

“What we’re now learning about health is that a lot of chronic conditions and autoimmune conditions, and also depression, even some tenuous links to heart disease and cancer could potentially originate from the gut.”

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