Thrive In Five: How to be Happy, Healthy & Resilient Resource

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This week’s Thrive In Five is about our new free resource “how to be happy, healthy, and resilient”

We have another amazing resource to share with you. Last week we shared one of our free resources 12 stages of burnout. This week, we have another fantastic free resource to share called how to be happy, healthy, and resilient, or how to create happy, healthy, and resilient teams.

We believe that health is interconnected.

You can’t separate your mental wellbeing from your sleep quality, you can’t separate how much you move and how energised you are. You can’t separate what fun stuff you do in life from how happy you feel, you can’t separate the amount of natural light you get and the impact that sunlight has on health.

Everything’s interconnected, sleep affects mental health, which affects energy and so on.

So we break down the key areas of health that need paying attention to, and then we give you three tips for each. So we include, sleep, resilience, hormetic stress, supplementation, mental health, energy. It’s an amazing resource and it’s free. So feel free to access it online or download a copy of the PDF. Share it with your team, share it with people across your organisation. Share it on social media. It’s free. We put lots of thought into this, but we want the message to go far and wide.

So I hope you enjoy it. That’s it for me. I’ll talk to you next week.

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