Forget the ‘New Year New You’ Concept and Set Yourself Realistic Goals for 2019

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What is wrong with the ‘New Year New You’ concept? How can we set realistic goals for ourselves in 2019? I talk about these and more in this bite-sized New Year’s Day episode.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • New Year’s resolutions and why I’m not a fan of the ‘New Year New You’ concept

  • The reasons why we don’t market using the ‘New Year New You’ concept

  • Why people are not able to stick to their New Year’s resolutions

Key Takeaways:

  • The ‘New Year New You’ concept is exploitative. You don’t need a ‘New You’, but companies like to tell you that because then they can market to you and sell you their products.

  • You don’t need to create a new version of yourself, but all of us could probably make marginal gains toward a better version of ourselves.

  • A change in the calendar won’t suddenly get you in a position where you’re ready to change.

  • According to some statistics, only 36% of people had New Year’s resolutions. And of that 36%, 35% had goals around losing weight, 33% had goals around getting fitter, 31% had goals around eating more healthily, and about 12% had goals around creating a better work-life balance.

  • 63% of people who had New Year’s resolutions broke them at some point in time, and 66% actually broke them within one month or less.

  • It helps to have a very strong motivating factor behind you. To be in that state of ‘post-contemplation, ready for action,’ it’s going to happen organically, not because of a change in the calendar.

Action Steps:

  • Focus on becoming a better version of you rather than creating a new version of you.

  • Focus on intent. Why do you want to get change done? Why do you want to do it? Why is now the time for it to happen?

  • Be strongly motivated.

Leanne said:

“People don’t appreciate what it takes to break a habit or create a new one. It’s actually, in some respects, a very big and complex thing. A lot of the habits that we’ve established… these are things that could be very emotionally bound up for these people.”

“Maybe if your intent is not really clear to you and there’s no ambivalence, if you haven’t got that strong motivational factor yet, then dial it down, start really small. Put your motivation to just dig around about your WHY.”

Thanks for listening!

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