Thrive In Five: Aggregation of marginal gains

Marginal Gains journal for changing just one thing

This Week’s Thrive In Five is about a very simple concept aggregation of marginal gains.

I’ve borrowed this from, Sir Dave Brailsford, you may have heard of him in conjunction with team Sky. He did a lot of work with a lot of sports teams and it was around this principle of the aggregation of marginal gains.

What is aggregation of marginal gains?

What he means by that is if he could get a 1% improvement in an athlete’s sleep, a 1% improvement in their mental wellbeing, 1% improvement in their energy levels that all snowballs and actually the cumulative effect at that elite level is the difference between getting on the podium and not. I think we can borrow this concept as well.

How can I use the aggregation of marginal gains to improve my wellbeing?

So my challenge for you is just one thing. What one thing can you think about changing or tweaking or bringing in or taking out of your routine, that’s going to significantly improve your wellbeing over time. It’s really simple.

What is the minimal effective dose?

I also want to choose another concept of the minimal effective dose. What is the smallest thing that you could do so small, you might even think, oh, come on, I can do more than that. Implement that bed it into your routine and your lifestyle. Then look for something else. The aggregation of marginal gains health is a long game you see. So this is the most effective way to get that consistency and get this lasting sustainable changes.

what is your #JustOneThing?

What is that one thing that you’ll work on today? As always give it a go and let us know how you get on !

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