Thrive In Five – Gratitude

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This week’s Thrive In Five is all about gratitude. Some people may have a very deliberate gratitude practise. Many however don’t, and that’s the topic this week.

The power of gratitude

The essence of it is this, both Tony Robbins and Oprah are advocates of deliberate or concentrated gratitude practise. Essentially it is impossible to be simultaneously grateful and anxious, or grateful and angry, or grateful and frustrated. You just can’t be in those two physiological states at the same time. So the trick is this. If you could think about gratitude, if you can get yourself into a grateful state for perhaps just one minute of a day, the lasting benefits of that will be considered to be more than just those 60 seconds.

Concentrating on gratitude can transform your day and give you a little shot of energy, any point in the day when you consciously practise gratitude. 

What is a Concentrated gratitude practise?

Taking a minute out of your day and think of something you’re deeply grateful for. It might be you’ve got a lunch break coming up. It might be. You’re seeing a friend at the weekend. It may be more profound than that. You’re grateful to be alive. You’re grateful to interact with nature. It could be anything. You just have to be in a grateful state and just close your eyes. Think about that for one minute, really allow yourself to be steeped and immersed in that grateful state.

What are the benefits of A Concentrated Gratitude Practise?

You will come out of that feeling considerably differently, mentally, but certainly your physiology will have altered. Your nervous system state will be altered to be far more parasympathetic dominant and you’ll feel more calm, rested, relaxed.

It’s a very simple to do, and it can be done anywhere at any time. You don’t need an app, a buddy, a coach it’s easy.

Sometimes having that moment of quietness can be more of a challenge for us, so instead see if you can have a grateful moment today.

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