Insights: How to Get Consistent Energy Levels


What is the “energy jar”? Take a listen and find out how these concepts can apply to you.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The concept of the “energy jar”
  • What it means to be a “corporate athlete”
  • How I’ve been preparing for the Arctic Circle Race

Key Takeaways:

  • The energy jar is a metaphor for the amount of energy that we have in our body.
  • Our energy is a finite resource.
  • The energy we have in our body is just in one place. We haven’t got separate pockets of energy that we can distribute or dip into.
  • We need to see ourselves as athletes would.

Action Steps:

  • Take a look at your schedule, understand what are the peak points for you, and then figure out how you can get yourself fit so you can be in your prime when that peak time comes.
  • After that peak period, take a little bit of time off and start to do more fun, relaxing things. Do lots of active rest. Don’t hit the gym as hard, and let your body recover.
  • Learn to adapt your schedule according to how you’re feeling.

Leanne said:

“Why so many of us are falling out of love with life, why many of us are experiencing chronic stress, many of us are experiencing burnout, and that’s simply because we are not planning and pacing ourselves.”

“If you start to think of yourself as an athlete, then I think you’re going to start looking at things in a more intelligent way.”

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