Heal Your Whole Body and Boost Your Natural Energy Using Red Light Therapy with Bryan Gohl

What is red light therapy and how does it help to heal your body? In this episode, I interview the co-founder of Red Light Rising, Bryan Gohl, who talks about the benefits of red light therapy and why you should be interested in it.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Bryan’s wellness journey and how he got into red light therapy

  • What is biohacking

  • What are some examples of biohacking

  • What is red light therapy

  • What are the benefits of red light therapy

  • Red Light Rising and their product offerings

  • Using red light therapy on the genitals

  • Why red light therapy is good for the eyes

  • When is a good time to use the red light therapy

Key Takeaways:

  • Biohacking is basically altering your external or your internal environment to improve your health. It’s very closely linked to what we often refer to as ancestral lifestyle practices.

  • Red light therapy is the intersection of science and technology that actually mimics nature. It’s mimicking some of the healthiest types of light that come from the sun.

  • Red and infrared lights cause an increase in energy production on a cellular level.

  • When the cells of the body are stimulated by red and infrared lights, there is also an increase in anti-inflammatory enzymes that get released into the blood.

  • As science moves on and studies what’s happening in terms of red light therapy, they have been able to narrow it down to very specific wavelengths that are represented by numbers. And LED is important because they can be programmed by computers to be exactly on target with those numbers.

  • Infrared light penetrates the body up to a depth of about 5 cm.

  • Red light has been shown to increase energy production in the Leydig cells in the testicles, which are the cells that produce sperm.

Action Steps:

  • Give red light therapy a try.

Bryan said:

“What’s really exciting is that science is really starting to kind of inform us that light is so important. Light can be very, very harmful but it’s also vitally important for optimising our health.”

“If you’re spending any amount of time in front of this light, you’re taking a bit of time out of your day to give yourself this therapy, you may as well get the most bang for your buck… You may as well get a boost of energy as well, because healing is very energy-intensive. ”

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