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The way we work has changed significantly in recent times. Many employees are working remotely and will likely be facing challenges to their wellbeing. Staying connected to the company culture and maintaining good wellbeing can all be harder when working from home. The Wellbeing Portal is a bespoke online solution offering ‘video-on-demand’ content, accessible to anyone with an email address belonging to your company.

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What is the Wellbeing Portal?

The Wellbeing At Work portal is designed using your logo and other brand assets and contains video content based on the latest scientific research on topics such as sleep, mental health, energy, self-care, the immune system, remote working and resilience. There are over 52 videos of 3-5 minutes each, explaining how to nurture and protect your wellbeing in simple language but using ideas at the intersection of science and technology. Promoting workplace wellness at home and in the office.

The Problems


In every business, time is a very valuable asset. Most people do not have the time to research, prioritise and execute on their health and wellbeing. Having everything in one place saves time and avoids frustration.


In a study by CIPD, 66% British workers said tiredness and lack of energy had a negative impact on their ability to work. It can be harder to stay energised when working remotely. The Wellbeing At Work Portal provides ideas and highly relevant content that solves this problem for you.

Information Overload

Most of us suffer from this, particularly in the wellbeing space where there is so much conflicting information. Having everything in one place creates clarity, saves time and reduces frustration.  

Mental Health

According to a survey by Ipsos Mori, 1/5 people are worried about mental illnesses. Education is key to ensuring people stay well. With mental health costing the UK £94bn per annum, its vital to invest in your people and ensure they stay well.

Lost Connections

Most of us are working from home now and social distancing. We’re relying on technology to replace human contact, and this is likely to have an impact on people’s wellbeing, combined with other health-related considerations such as lack of sleep, physical fitness and resilience.

How Does it Work?

Bespoke Wellbeing At Work Portal

You provide us with your logo, and we do the rest. There are over 52 videos in the Wellbeing At Work Portal, and a bespoke content can be created during the build phase or afterwards. We can usually deliver the Online Portal within two weeks of signing a contract. One client has reduced employee absenteeism rates by 40% since rolling out the Wellbeing At Work Portal.

Bodyshot have been instrumental in demonstrating to our employees the importance of wellbeing. Bodyshot have shown our employees, many of whom travel and work away from home, that good wellbeing can be achieved even when you’re out of your regular routine.

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