Wellbeing At Work Scorecard

Take our Wellbeing at Work Scorecard and find out how your business measures up in four key areas of wellbeing:
Wellbeing Strategy & Aspirations
Wellbeing Resources & Training
Energy & Motivation
Leadership & Values

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Creating A Culture of Wellbeing

Creating a culture of wellbeing in the workplace increases employee engagement and retention, reduces absenteeism, attracts talent into the business and is simply the right thing to do for your people. 

Wellbeing isn’t just about providing a comfortable place to work, fruit bowls or some version of agile working. It’s about staying motivated whilst working remotely, managing family time and blurred boundaries, staying connected to team-mates and company culture, managing mental health and staying physically active. Game-changing companies understand that in order to thrive, they need to lead with wellbeing.

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