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The Wellbeing Trends That Every HR Team Should Know About

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The Wellbeing Trends 2023 That Every HR Team Should Know About - Banner with people who are happy and laughing at work

Wellbeing is a competitive advantage

What will be the future trends for wellbeing at work be? Leanne Spencer, keynote speaker and wellbeing consultant, is looking to the future trends for wellbeing in 2023.

In a very uncertain economic climate, financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control. It is knowing that you can pay the bills today, can deal with the unexpected, and are on track for a healthy financial future. Leanne  will be in conversation with Samantha Bradford, a leading Finance and Wealth Advisor. In this practical and informative webinar, they will discuss the role that financial wellbeing plays in people’s wellbeing and resilience. 

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace create a deeper trust and engaged workforce. With hybrid now spanning our workplaces, events, communication, we have to create accessible and inclusive environments for our teams to thrive. Leanne will be discussing how to effectively communicate with your teams and colleagues in an inclusive and accessible way.

In short: creating a culture that fosters happy, confident and empowered people, means your teams are more engaged and do better work.

What we cover:

  • Wellbeing trends 2023 – What will the big trends be next year
  • What resources will teams need to maintain good wellbeing
  • How you can reduce burnout and improve the resilience of your teams
  • The role of financial wellbeing in people’s health and happiness
  • Effective inclusive internal communication for employee engagement


HR Directors, HR Managers, Heads of People, Wellbeing Managers, Internal Communications.

Available now

Greg Simidian

Leanne was the ‘opener’ keynote speaker at our annual client conference. It is hard to put into words the profound effect she had on our near 100 delegates. Leanne delivered her message/experience with such passion, expertise and skill – it lifted the room and set the energy level for the next two days. I am now personally starting work with Bodyshot after meeting and seeing Leanne in action. I cannot recommend Leanne any higher, exceptional stuff

Greg Simidian

CEO Perfect Information Limited

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