Here’s what our clients say about working with Bodyshot Performance

Working with Bodyshot has been a really positive experience. Just like in business, finding the right people to work with has been crucial. This past year has been all about establishing the foundations and setting me up for future success. I’d recommend working with Bodyshot to anyone looking to focus on their all-round health and wellbeing.

Lisa Zevi

Bestselling Author

I realised early on that I didn’t have to go to the gym every day, run a marathon, or change my eating habits hugely. It was just simple things. Since the first week of the program with Bodyshot I’ve not felt low for one minute.

Brian Chernett

Chief Executive

The Bodyshot business is very professional and well-run, you get a real sense that there’s a vision and a plan in place for long term growth and that reflects in the way they treat and talk to their customers.

Lou Hemming

Industry Manager

I signed up as I felt exhausted and knew that I needed to achieve a better balance in my life, both for my health and in order to have sufficient energy to enjoy my home life and family. I finished the Program with mountains of extra energy and feel like my old self; my family can easily see the changes in me too. Moreover, I have addressed several health issues that could otherwise have been overlooked. I now have the energy to achieve more in less time!

Mark Maltman

Veterinary Surgeon

Working with Leanne over the past 2 years has transformed my health and fitness. Her personalised approach to understanding my goals and lifestyle, together with scientific analysis based on my DNA has enabled us to put together a programme that now fits beautifully in my day-to-day life. In that time I’ve lost 16Kg (2½ stone) and totally changed the way I exercise and look after my physical self – brain and body. I sleep better, eat better and feel fantastic.

David Horne


From the initial Discovery Session to my final session with my coach, I was completely impressed with the expertise the knowledge the support and the attention to detail that the Bodyshot team provide. My coach was always at the end of the phone when I needed extra support and was brilliant at explaining every aspect of the tests, the results and the how I could tailor my diet, exercise and lifestyle to work with my unique DNA and prolong my healthspan.

Deborah Turner


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