This where you can download some amazing resources from the 12 stages of burnout, to building resilient teams; becoming a business athlete; leading with wellbeing and a chance to download the first chapters of Leanne’s bestselling books

12 Stages Of Burnout

You can recover!

We’ve used the 12 Stages of Burnout as defined by psychologists Gail North and Herbert Freudenberger and added in tips for each stage. Whether this is for you or someone you know, this guide provides practical tips on how to recover.

Build Healthy Resilient Teams

Becoming a Business athlete

The Business Athlete concept derives from athletes, who plan and pace their schedules in order to get the best out of themselves. This infographic walks you through the key elements of good health that ensure you and your teams beat burnout and have great energy.

Wellbeing at Work Scorecard

Wellbeing at work scorecard

Our Wellbeing At Work Scorecard is a diagnostic tool, you’ll receive a highly personalised report highlighting areas in your wellbeing strategy where you are strong and areas that perhaps could do with some improvement. With actionable insights 

Posture Guide for Desk Workers

Posture Guide for Desk Workers

If you frequently sit or stand at a desk for most of the day this is a must see guide to ensure your workstation is set up correctly. Plus some easy to follow tips and advice on staying active, healthy and how to avoid the musculoskeletal issues  

Lead With Wellbeing

Lead with wellbeing report

Game-changing companies understand that in order to attract and retain talent into the business, they will need to have a robust wellbeing strategy. Company cars, corner offices and salary are no longer enough. Find out what you need to focus on in our Lead with Wellbeing guide.

Remove The Guesswork

Health is about personalisation

Are you frustrated by one-size-fits-all approaches to health, fitness and nutrition? Are you trying different exercises and diets but finding they’re not working for you? Do you want to invest in your health and fitness but have no time for mistakes or guesswork? Whether you’re just starting to exercise and eat healthily, are already serious about your health and fitness or are an athlete, this book is for you.

Remove The Guesswork

Get back to your best!

Do you feel that your work/life balance is making you ill? Are stress-related problems, chronic sickness, anxiety or depression affecting your ability to show up and do your job? Maybe you’re worried that your current lifestyle might be selling off your future health. Perhaps you’re already suffering from burnout.The good news is you can, and will, recover if you stop now, read this book and take action.

Health IQ

What's your Health IQ?

Health IQ quiz will help give you an idea of where you should be focusing your efforts, so you can ultimately take control of your health. You will receive a highly personalised report, providing you with the resources you need to improve your score in each of the Six Signal® areas; sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness.

Jessica Nicol client testimonial for Bodyshot Performance wellbeing in the workplace

Leanne and her team took the time to understand our industry and internal culture to offer us a unique tailored option which fitted our budget and requirements. The Workshops were engaging, inspiring, motivating, helpful, tailored and unique.

Jessica Nicol

Managment AAB

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