Meet The Team

Leanne Spencer
Leanne is an award-winning entrepreneur, Six Signals® Coach, double-bestselling author and TEDx Speaker. Along with Antonia, she is the co-founder of Bodyshot. Leanne regularly speaks to audiences all over the UK on topics around fitness, health, wellbeing, burnout and corporate resilience. Leanne is an advocate for gender equality.
Antonia Bannasch
Antonia is a health and fitness expert and Six Signals® Coach, and looks after our fitness clients. She is also our Head Coach, and is therefore responsible for maintaining our high standards and values. Antonia’s personal interests are in supporting charities that research for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, and she leads our fundraising campaigns.
Orion Peterson
Orion is an experienced, professionally qualified (BA Hons, PgDip) and registered psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor (BPC, FPC).  He partners with Bodyshot to offer one-to-one therapy sessions with adults and also works in full time private practice based in Central London in between Waterloo and London Bridge.
Cassie Read
Cassie is a very experienced and technical Six Signals® fitness coach. She is enthusiastic about all aspects of health and fitness and passionate about promoting good health and wellbeing. She specialises in weight management obesity and resistance training as well as those looking to improve their general fitness
Henning Schmitz
Henning is our web designer and is responsible for all our digital assets, website and amazing brochures. Everything about our brand comes from Henning, and he ensures everything we produce reflects the most important aspect of our business, our culture. He lives in Brighton.
Emma Coxon
Emma is our personal assistant and is an essential part of the team. She is the first person you’ll speak to when you contact us, and works as a content producer, administrator and assists Antonia in implementing our social media strategy. She lives in a sleep village in Wiltshire.