Why we sleep and how to get the sleep you need with Sleep Expert James Wilson


James Wilson has worked with over 2000 teenagers in the largest study of its kind in the UK; he’s worked with sports teams and top level sportspeople, and he helps companies produce products, services and environments that help people get the sleep they deserve through his company, The Sleep Lab. James is also one of the experts on Channel 4’s The Secrets of Sleep program which is still available on 4OD (see below). I was really looking forward to this episode because I’m interested in sleep, both personally and professionally; it’s the first place we start when we work with individuals.

In this episode, James talks about why we sleep, and what the components of sleep are – REM, deep and light. We discuss whether you can get too much REM or deep sleep as well as the impact of too little. We talk about the effect that alcohol, eating late and evening exercise have on sleep quality, and touch on relatively recent research that has identified the connections between Alzheimer’s Disease and calcium washing during sleep. I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode, and as always, send your questions to leanne@bodyshotperformance.com or contact James via his website below. Enjoy the show!

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James’ website

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23 and Me Genetic testing

Secrets of Sleep on Channel 4 on Demand

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