Why Goat Milk Kefir Could Be the Natural Remedy for IBS, Depression and Anxiety with Shann Nix Jones – Part 1


Are you looking for a natural remedy for IBS, depression, and anxiety? Look no further! Chuckling Goat owner Shann Nix Jones is back in the podcast and this time she talks all about gut health and the wonders that goat milk kefir could do for IBS, depression, and anxiety.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Gut health and the gut-brain connection

  • Shann’s Yellowstone Park analogy of the gut

  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or the four things that cause damage to our guts

  • The benefits of ashwagandha

Key Takeaways:

  • Natural healing is a bumpy up-and-down road. It’s not always straightforward. It can be one step forward, two steps back.

  • Natural healing is not like suppressing a symptom with a chemical, which can happen instantly and which is temporary.

  • Your gut and your brain are connected. They all work together because of something called serotonin inside your system.

  • If you have IBS, chances are excellent that you will develop anxiety and depression within the year. And if you have anxiety and/or depression, chances are also excellent that you will develop IBS within the year.

Action Steps:

  • Drink kefir and rewild your gut.

  • Sign up for a vegetable delivery service, preferably one that comes straight from the farm where they just pull up what’s good to go.

  • Take the challenge of eating 50 different foods in a week.

  • Take collagen every day, and take ashwagandha.

  • If you drink coffee, take your coffee a few hours after you wake up rather than right off the bat.

  • Get rid of household products containing triclosan.

Shann said:

“To resolve your IBS will also resolve anxiety and depression. And you can enter that loop at any point… It’s obviously easier to treat your gut than it is to treat your brain, but all of those issues resolve together.”

“Modern life is just ironing us out. And it’s sort of getting rid of all the biodiversity in our systems. The health of an ecosystem is tested and measured by the number of links between the organisms in it. That’s the health of an organism. It’s complex.”

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