Why are we starting with the gut, and what do we mean by that?


Bodyshot are now including a gut test with all our coaching packages as we believe that health starts with the gut. We’ve already touched on this with many of our packages, but we’re actually going to start with the gut. As a result of talking to functional medical practitioners like Dr. Tamsin Lewis in the UK, Dr. Christine Rosche in the US, we’ve realised that we need to adopt a lot of those functional medical principles, which is that health starts in the gut.

You might also treat the local site, but first of all, you look at what’s going on in the gut. What’s going on with the diversity of bacteria you may or may not have, and the types and prevalence of bacteria that you may or may not have.

A little bit more about the gut first. When we talk about the gut, we’re referring to an area of the stomach. It contains a rich amount of bacteria. In fact, we have about a 100 trillion bacterial cells in the body, which makes us more microbial than it actually does human. If you were to take all those cells and weigh them, it comes to about three pounds, so it’s as heavy as a human brain. It’s really quite extraordinary. We also have our highest prevalence, between 50 and 90% of all our serotonin levels, are also in the gut, which goes some way to explaining why food might make us feel good, and why emotional eating can be such an issue. Maybe eating really does create hormones that make us feel good.

One of the reasons we’re starting with the gut is because it’s now known that a lack of bacteria in the gut can cause things like autoimmune conditions, eczema, and other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. It can affect depression. It can affect heart disease and cancer, it’s believed. We’re starting to discover much more about the gut. It’s a real area of growing science.

We decided to get behind that. Now every coaching package that we have in our Total Health Optimization Package will start with a gut test. That’s the first area. We’re working with functional medical practitioners to partner, so they can help us interpret those results and guide our clients in the right direction, and we’ll pick it up from there.

If you don’t know much about the gut, I’d urge you to listen to these two podcasts. One is with Dr. Tamsin Lewis and the other is with Dr. Christine Rosche.  They’re absolute crackers, and they will tell you lots more about why we’re starting with the gut. If you’ve got questions, this is a vast topic, and I appreciate you might have, please send them to leanne@bodyshotperfomance.com, and we’ll get them answered for you.

Bodyshot Digestion Package

We have brought together everything you need to optimise your digestion, in one package. The Digestion Package includes the DNA test for diet and fitness combined with a non-invasive blood test panel for 10 key markers including thyroid, cholesterol, vitamin D3 and B12 and folate.

Once we’ve received the results of your DNA and blood test, we arrange a suitable time for the consultation which takes place online and lasts approximately 60 minutes. In the consultation, we analyse your results, explain what everything means and draw up a personalised action plan.

Our Digestion Package includes an eBook that talks you through the Digestion Signal and gives you loads of tips, information and a resource you can keep coming back to. The eBook is a concise summary of everything we’ve learned from the hundreds of clients we’ve helped to optimise their digestion.

What you get:

  • DNA test for diet and fitness
  • GI Map comprehensive gut testing
  • Custom Blood Panel
  • eBook
  • 21 Day Course of Goat Milk Kefir
  • Consultation with a Health Expert

If you’d like to find out more about this package, please click here.

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Leanne Spencer is an entrepreneur, coach, TEDx Speaker, author of Remove the Guesswork, and founder of Bodyshot Performance Limited. Bodyshot is a health and fitness consultancy that helps busy professionals get more energy by removing the guesswork around their health, fitness and nutrition. Visit www.bodyshotperformance.com or email info@bodyshotperformance.com to register your interest in our services and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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