What is the ketogenic diet and how could it benefit you with Health Coach Bryan Gohl


Bryan Gohl is a Health Coach and biohacker. Over a decade of passionate wellness studying has lead Bryan to experimenting and learning about all sorts of lifestyle protocols. From a high protein diet and dedicated commitment to the gym to a vegetarian diet and 11 year-long yoga practice, Bryan has experienced many ups and downs in his physical energy and wellbeing and this lead him to keep learning and experimenting.

In this episode, we explore the principles of the ketogenic diet, which is receiving a lot of attention in the mainstream press at the moment. Bryan talks about his own philosophies around the keto diet, and discusses what’s worked for him and how you can get started. Links to everything we discuss in the show are below, and enjoy!

Links to things we discuss in the show:

My podcast on FAT

Bulletproof website – Bulletproof Coffee

DNA test (for saturated fat sensitivity)

Link to the work of Brad Kearns

Link to the work of Mark Sisson

Useful links:

Six Signals® eLearning Course: health, fitness and wellbeing for busy professionals

Bodyshot Performance website

Bodyshot Performance Limited Facebook page

Remove the Guesswork BOOK by Leanne Spencer

Rise and Shine BOOK by Leanne Spencer


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