What Data to Track and Measure to Optimise Your Health with Tech Entrepreneur and Biohacker Bob Troia

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What is self-quantification? How does it differ from biohacking, and how can we use it to optimise our health? Quantified Bob talks all about the value of getting our data and using that information to optimise all aspects of our life.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Self-quantification versus biohacking
  • Bob’s journey of digging deeper into his own physiology
  • What data to track and measure
  • Tracking your glucose and the benefits of using a blood glucose monitor
  • Personalised diet and nutrition
  • Some things you need to be aware of when getting a gut test
  • Fasting: Should you do it or not?
  • The different types of fasting
  • Some of the things that can have the biggest impact on health-conscious individuals that are strapped for time

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-quantification is using technology and data to gain better insights into ourselves and creating actionable steps from that information to optimise your health and well-being.
  • There’s a bit of an overlap between self-quantification and biohacking but they’re not the same. There are people who are tracking aspects of their lives that are not necessarily about their body, whereas there are a lot of biohackers who are trying a hundred different things to optimise their body’s health.
  • Studies have shown people’s personalised glycemic response to different foods.
  • Fasting allows your digestive system to get a break for a few days and allows you to get a metabolic reset.

Action Steps:

  • Observe how your body reacts to different foods. Try to keep your glucose in a tight range and avoid big fluctuations.
  • Get a DNA test and/or a gut test.
  • If you’re going to fast, do it during the work week when you’re busy and have no time to think about food.
  • Optimise your sleep space and your home environment.

Bob said:

“What you see in the data doesn’t necessarily always mean things that are being expressed in your genes [are] also genetic factors. For me, it could be largely tied to [environmental] stress.”

“You need to be measuring some things that are actually happening in your life… Just because your genes say one thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things are always expressed.”

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