Thrive In Five: What Behaviours Contribute to Burnout

woman working in bed late at night what behaviours contribute to burnout

This week’s Thrive In Five is about what behaviours contribute to burnout

This week I want to pose a question to you. So what I want to ask you is

What behaviours do you exhibit that could contribute to burnout?

Now, I don’t necessarily mean your burnout, but the burnout of the people in your team, the colleagues around you, or anyone else in your organisation.

Whether you’re at leadership level or managerial level, your behaviours will always have a ripple effect and they will affect other people.

Whether it’s sending email after hours.

Whether it’s always been the person that says yes to everything.

Whether it’s cancelling your own personal engagements repeatedly in order to make time for work.

What is the effect of those behaviours on others?

So ask yourself that powerful question “what behaviours do I exhibit that could contribute to burnout?”

I think it can really help to highlight some of your own behaviours and the implications of those behaviours on other people. And this is particularly pertinent if you are in a leadership role.

Maybe you do some brainstorming with a spouse or with some colleagues. Some of the companies that I’m working in, I’m going to propose that we have some leadership meetings where we brainstorm that and some other very pertinent questions.

So it’s a very simple, short, sweet message this week, I’ll leave you to go off and ponder that question.

Now, of course, if you want to talk about this with me, do you make contact. Or you may find value in our 12 stages of burnout resource, with what to look out for in yourself and others, and what to do at each stage should you be on the burnout spectrum.

Personally and professionally we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to lead with wellbeing. At Bodyshot Performance we work with businesses to manage all aspects of their wellbeing following our Six Signals methodology. Focusing on sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. Please get in touch if we can help with any aspects of your wellbeing or your organisation wellbeing.

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