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Our wellbeing consultancy will help you develop a game-changing wellbeing strategy.  Leanne Spencer is a keynote speaker, wellbeing consultant, three times bestselling author and podcaster. She has over 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition and has been in the wellbeing industry for over 10 years.

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Expertise When You Need It

We have provided wellbeing consultancy for companies such as Medical Research Network, iTech Media, Anderson Anderson & Brown and many others on how to:

  • Start your wellbeing journey
  • Develop your wellbeing strategy
  • Position wellbeing as a growth strategy / competitive advantage
  • Create a game-changing wellbeing strategy that wins awards

Check out what Alan Cairns, COO of fast-growing company iTech Media had to say about the partnership with Bodyshot:

Alan Cairns

COO - iTech Media

The Problems

Lack of Knowledge

HR Professionals and leaders are not necessarily experts in wellbeing, a broad topic with many different themes. We’ve got over ten years’ experience in the wellbeing sector.

Lack of Time

Most People Teams have plenty to be doing and there isn’t anyone to dedicate time to wellbeing. Working with Bodyshot means you can outsource some of this function to us.

Lack of Network

We’ve spent ten years building up a huge network of experts, speakers, and professionals who can assist us.

Where to Start

We have an award-winning methodology for creating or enhancing your wellbeing strategy, and our team knows how to bring this together.

Lack of Experience

We’ve created game-changing wellbeing strategies for tens of companies, and can share the secrets of our success.
Our wellbeing scores on Peakon improved by 15% – higher than any other metric in the company following the consultancy work we did with Bodyshot.

Rosie Morgan

DAZN Employee Engagement

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